DreamerDream (foreverworld) wrote,

Quick Update & New Years Eve in Washington DC

I will write a more complete update when I'm not feeling so lazy, but I thought I would tell all of you that I am well. As some of you already know, I met a girl by the name of Valerie who I have been seeing since the 8th of this month. She is Belgian/American and very sweet. We were enjoying each others company a great deal before school let out and have continued talking since the christmas break. So, we decided to take a little trip together. We will be leaving around the 28th and spending the next week in Washington DC seeing the sights and watching the fireworks from the capital lawn. It will be most exciting. I have never spent a New Years Eve away from Alabama before and doing so in our nation's capital seems even more exciting.

I just hope we don't get bombed back to the stone age. But if something should happen, I hope someone who reads this will let my parents know I loved them :)

And on that semi-sad note, Merry Christmas to you on yours or whatever you might be celebrating in your own homes.
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