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My Own Personal Complaints & Grievances...

After watching George Carlin's show on HBO, I've been inspired to share a few things that just piss me off or people I just wish were dead. Granted, I have gone through this rant before so if you don't wanna hear it...don't read it!

Here's a few people I wish were kidnapped, drugged, beaten with pool sticks, thrown from an airplane over a mile high, locked in a portable restroom used by 300 pound overweight New York construction workers and then set on fire:

1) Those stupid fucking, bible-carrying, bike-riding Mormon dickheads
2) Tele-marketers
3) Parents with "My child is an honor student..." bumper stickers on their cars
4) People who dress their animals in human clothing
5) College students (mainly girls) who sit in their cars with the engine running, while they wait for their classes to begin!!! <<=== Wasting Natural Resources!!!
6) People who move to the United States and REFUSE to learn ENGLISH!
7) People who buy bottled water.
8) Pet owners who neglect their animals
9) Kids who start having sex at 14, get pregnant and then blame the world for their problems
10) Atheists & Agnostics who claim to not believe in a higher power (God, Allah, etc.) and then blame these "non-existant" deities for their problems OR pray to them in times of real need. Perhaps "beg" is a better word than pray...but you get the point
11) Anyone I have dated...
12) People that bitch on their LiveJournal's too often (LOL!)
13) You made it this far? God! Get a life...

There are of course many other people I would like to see run over by a snowplow and then pissed upon but I have other things to do.
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