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Rocky Horror In HOT-lanta...

I took a little trip with Michael and friends to Atlanta to see the Rocky Horror Picture show. The group consisted of eight of us (4 males and 4 females) all of which were homosexual...with the exception of yours truly and another girl by the name of Vona. It was an enjoyable experience because I was able to bond with a couple of the people there...and really get to know them. "Spike" is a girl who insists on calling me "Mr Sweet" the straight pimp and Carrie who is a sweet girl who wants to set me up with her roommate Heather. In all honesty, I am a little aprehentious about meeting her. Carries is advertising me as this "hot guy" with the personalty of "Mike Myers." (Heather has an obsession with Mike Myers from what I am told.)

Anyways...back to the trip. The group of us went to see RHPS after we got settled in our room and after that, we got lost downtown until we finally found our way back to the Savannah Suites. The next day, we went to Atlanta Underground and Little Five Points for some shopping and lunch before we all came back to Tuscaloosa for a post-trip spend the night extravagenza at Carrie's.

So now, it is Sunday afternoon and we are all sitting at Kelly's (another one of the girls) waiting until we find something else to do....

I suppose we will see if anything comes of the "Heather" situation. Until next time...
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