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An Update On My Little Life...

OK, so I forgot to update t he journal on everything that has happened since the Quest trip...so I will play "catch up."

1) Quest was enjoyable, except I found myself surrounded by topless, sweaty gay men making out all around me. This freaked me out so I had to run outside...well, the men had a part to play in my going outside to think. There was another reason but I will leave that in the past. Needless to say...I enjoyed myself but at the same time, realized something I hadn't previously noticed which led to certain depression on my part. I didn't even get to meet Sydney which REALLY bothered me. Some things are just not meant to happen...especially love with lesbians :)

2) A somewhat impromptu party the following Saturday night led many of my newfound friends to drinking and laughter. My recently discovered feelings for someone led me to the all-too familiar depression for number of reasons which will not be listed, for the purpose of saving time. Needless to say...the result was my leaving the party and being more confused than ever.

3) Sunday was spent with my waiting and waiting to talk to the individual in question which ultimately cleared things up for me. I wasn't happy...but I understood and accepted it. Cest la vie. I am hoping the friendship will not suffer any undue damage. I value her company and insights.

4) Short 3 day week at school. Sickness abounds. Anti-biotics and anti-depressants got me through the week until time to come to Montgomery for Thanksgiving.

5) Thanksgiving is a fantastic success:

- My car received much needed replacement parts
- I got to see Jim and he hooked me up as always
- And Amy told me she would visit me.

6) Tonight (friday night), Amy came up from Dothan to meet me and us get to know one another better. We are friends and we intend to keep it that way...at least I think. But the time spent was very enjoyable. I don't feel the need to go into detail publically...but if asked, I could be persuaded to share what happened. (Sigh) Things are looking up...

That about covers it for now...so I am going to finish watching the "Star Trek: TNG" marathon on TNN hosted by none other than Patrick Stewart. (Yay!) Looking back over the entry now makes me realize that for as long as I have been single...it's not really as bad as all that.

"Go out and find yourself some man...some woman that you can connect with even for a moment. Because that is all that life is sister, a series of moments. Why don't you go out and seize yours..." - Loki (Dogma Special Edition DVD)

Blah Blah, Woof Woof
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