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Be Still My Heart...

Last night, I was watching the Halloween episode of "Dark Angel" when I saw EXACTLY what I was looking for in a dream woman. It may sound strange...but I am a huge cat lover and obviously I am straight (just read any of my entries to confirm that fact) and in the episode...they introduced a character who was a human female but with feline features like pointed teeth, pointed ears and other cat-like features. She even moved like a cat which was a real turn on. There was even one scene where they were all sitting at a table in a diner and having their individual beverages...and she was licking up milk out of a saucer! It was sooooo cute!!! I have said this a thousand times, but if I could have one wish...it would be to meet a feline woman like that. Obviously they do not exist but damn they are sexy!

If I can find a picture of her, I will upload it to my server. And all of you out there shaking your heads...don't judge me, because I know there are screwy things that turn you on as well.

Feline + Woman = "Kitten Delicious"
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