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My Thoughts...

To begin, I would just like to say that I hope Azalea's mother is doing better since she had taken a turn for the worse. Azalea has been really sweet and it means alot to me when I get to talk to her. She seems to really understand me and makes me feel good about myself...unlike so very many.

The other thing on my mind has been the case against "Mary Kay Letourneau," the Seattle teacher who had an affair with a 13 year old buy which resulted in 2 children and her being held in prison for 7 1/2 years. (She could be released in 2005)

This just bothers me that she could be sent to jail for being with this boy when they were both in love with one another. Sure she was far older and he was "legally" underage...but that should not matter when emotions are involved. Her husband was abusive and she found solace in the only person who listened...the boy.

Now this incident happened a couple years ago, but it only really registered in my mind when I gave it my full attention. It also helped that I watched a docu-drama about it on the USA network.

I personally believe that there was nothing wrong with what happened between them even though the incidents were not one would typically expect to see in today's society. I believe love has no bounds and cannot be made to follow strict guidelines. The law called it "rape" and the media called it "purely sexual" or "perverse" but I think it is just unfortunate. Unfortunate that we cannot let her be with the person she loves and reunite her with her children. (She also has 4 other children from her marriage)

I don't think what happened was just sex...I believe there was some real emotion and feeling behind it. So I did some checking and I was able to find an address that I can write to her while in the Washington Prison. I am going to tell her, as so many have done before me, that I am on her side...and for her to be strong.
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